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We offer benefit consultation, implementation and personalized administrative services, all by design. With over 38 insurance companies at our disposal, you are assured you will receive the best employee benefit package - at the right price - for your unique situation.

We keep our ear to the workplace - and the marketplace - in order to help business owners answer common questions such as:

  • "What insurance benefits is my competition offering their employees?"
  • "What is my competition charging their employees for their benefits?"
  • "What benefits do I need to offer in order to retain my current employees and recruit new employees?"

Our leading-edge benefit designs include Health Savings Accounts, Flexible Spending Accounts, and fully-insured & self-insured health, dental & prescription drug card plans.

Just like physicians and attorneys, business insurance requires "specialization". Over the decades we have developed strategic alliances with other professionals who have chosen a field that requires immense education, dedication and compliance.

These specialty professionals will handle your COBRA & HIPAA administration, Section 125 administration, Business and Personal Estate Planning, Accounting, Payroll administration, Business Law, as well as Property & Casualty Insurance.

...Just one more reason why you can count on us for a complete partnership that will make your business better for your customer, your employees, and your bottom line.